I am thrilled about the idea of having an electronic portfolio! I mean, don’t get me wrong, I love real portfolios too. I just think that many major employers these days are transitioning to doing almost everything electronically, and it only makes sense for me to adapt and jump on the electronic bandwagon.

I never thought I’d have a blog or an electronic portfolio, but I’m actually really glad that I do now. It will be very impressive for me to be able to have my own website online where I can display my work for future employers to see. I think most students who are graduating from college don’t have electronic portfolios or have any idea how to make one, giving me a sort of technological advantage over them. Now I’m not saying that just because I have an E-portfolio I am going to ace a job interview or beat out all the other applicants. I’m just saying that I’m glad that I have this experience and skill under my belt because it will help me out in the future and I think it will be impressive to future employers.

I plan on keeping up with my blog, and I hope that I will be able to show off my writing samples to as many people as I can in the future. I feel really fortunate to have been able to attend such a great school like the U of O, and I’m looking forward to taking all the skills I’ve learned over these past four years and applying them to my future.


I just wanted to point out my stance on an issue that caused a lot of turmoil for one of my favorite stores, the wonderful and fantastic Target. Earlier this year, a blogger complained to the company about how she did not agree with a certain advertisement that Target had released. The ad showed a giant bullseye and a women laying on top of it. The blogger complained that the ad was targeting the woman’s crotch and she felt it was an inappropriate ad because of its possible negative impact on children. Are you serious lady?

First of all I think her claim is totally ridiculous and I’d love to meet her so I can tell her to calm down! I’ve seen the ad and there is nothing inappropriate about it at all. The women is fully clothed and she is laying on a giant logo, Target’s signature bullseye. To even complain about this advertisement in the first place is totally crazy in my opinion, proving that some bloggers have nothing better to do than to rant on their Web sites. In Target’s defense, I’d like to point out that I too would not listen to bloggers who were critiquing my ads with their personal opinions. Who are they to talk? They are simply regular people, I mean, sure they are customers but if they are so offended by our ads then fine, just don’t shop at our store. Boycott it like other people do who oppose us, but don’t act like you’re more important or that your opinion matters more than the next person’s. Just because you have a blog doesn’t mean you’re up to par with the New York Times or CNN. I say blogger’s opinions matter the same amount as anyone who is walking down the street.

Why would Target go through the hassle and effort to change their ads anyway? To please some random blogger who’s claim was completely ridiculous in the first place? If the New York Times or CNN were running major national stories about Target’s ads then they should for sure open their eyes because something like that is definitely going to affect them on a huge scale. If I was Target and some blogger was making a totally absurd and ridiculous claim about my ad, guess what folks? I’d blow them off too. I’d tell them that if they had a problem to go blog about it but don’t expect me to listen to your crazy claims just because you’re apart of the “blogging community.”

I think blogs have given some people the idea that they have some sort of newfound power or credibility now, power that doesn’t really exist. Sure you have a louder voice than before, but the truth is, you’re still just a regular person who is sitting at home, blogging at your computer and nothing more. So ultimately I have to say I support Target in their decision to ignore the blogger claims because I would have done the exact same thing too.

I’m really happy that press releases are going out of style and that the new social media release is now becoming more popular.

A new assignment in my PR writing class has us preparing our own social media release. Luckily, the concept could not be more simple. It’s not that I’m lazy and therefore excited about an easy assignment, it’s that I actually understand the assignment and am not overwhelmed by it. Normally we have to do assignments in a week, and since I sometimes don’t understand exactly what I have to do, I go through several drafts of my assignment before I’m satisfied with it.

In the past, I have often struggled with writing press releases because I find them incredibly dull and boring. The worst part is that they are so technical! Not only do you have to include every bit of information perfectly, you also have to write it out in the most professional format possible. But with the social media release, it seems to me that I’m in for some fun for once.

This assignment is something I feel comfortable with. I’m even more excited because if social media releases continue to expand in popularity, I may never have to write a boring press release again.

After reading Chip and Dan Heath’s book Made to Stick – and thoroughly enjoying it – I have decided that when it comes to ideas, the stickier the better. The book provided concepts on how to effectively communicate ideas. There are many ways to market and sell ideas and concepts but Made to Stick offers six key qualities that help to make an idea “stickier.”

The first is simplicity, and it talks about keeping your concept simple. Strip the idea to its core and make it more straightforward. The second is unexpectedness, and learning how to use twists to both capture the audience’s attention and hold it. The third is concreteness, and figuring out how to make an idea solid and memorable. The fourth idea is credibility, and learning how to get someone to believe your claim. The fifth idea is emotional, and figuring out how to connect with your audience and get them to care about what you’re saying. The last idea is stories, and getting people to act on your idea.

At first I didn’t think that I would be learning much from this book, but after finishing it and doing several activities in class, I realized that I had actually learned a very valuable lesson. My teacher was right! This book was really helpful and when it came to brainstorming how to effectively communicate an idea, the six steps were genius. I am definitely going to keep using these concepts and keep applying them to my future ideas.

I am a big believer in first impressions and having the “it” factor. Take American Idol for example, a show where contestants can make it or break it based on their first impressions as singers. In a funny way, I believe presentations also have to have that “it” factor to be effective. If a presenter starts his Power Point with an incredibly dull first slide, chances are, he has already lost the viewer’s interest. Slides, like handshakes, have to make a good first impression. If they don’t, it makes it incredibly hard to get anybody to care about what the slides or presenters have to say.

After taking a look at the winning slide presentations on Tiffany Derville’s Delicious page, I was filled with a sort of giddy jubilation, excited to take on this assignment. The fun and humorous slides totally caught my attention and they made me eager to start brainstorming for my own slide show. The funny part is that normally I don’t really care for slide show presentations that much but because these were so fun and creative, I absolutely wanted to get in on the fun and make my own.

That’s what a well-done and creative slide show will do for a person, inspire them and make them want to take interest in what a presenter has to say. If you present something dull, the audience will feel dull about it, but if you present something fun and interesting, then the audience will take interest in it. Mission accomplished.

After reading a variety of shareholder letters, I realized that all companies target their audiences differently.

Gap was very straightforward about their failures, putting all their negative and possibly damning information out there for all their shareholders to see. It makes Gap seem like a very honest company, one that does not fool around and that is not out to take advantage of its shareholders. Starbucks was very careful about covering up its failures and that gave the company a somewhat negative and almost sleazy vibe. I thought Disney’s letter was fun to read and exciting; if I was a Disney shareholder I would appreciate receiving such an easy-to-read and successful letter. Lastly, Nordstrom had a very dry and dull letter and it made the company seem a little boring. However, some believed that because it was written with such eloquent business talk, it was implying that Nordstrom believes it has an intelligent audience.

I think overall shareholder letters seem very tricky and difficult to write, but the key component seems to be knowing who your audience is.

Internships Are Crucial!

When I started my college career I thought I would have completed ten internships by the time I graduated. Well I am graduating in the fall and I have completed zero. However, I now have two amazing ones planned, and one is guaranteeing me a job in the future. Have I hit the internship jackpot? I think so!

The important lesson I learned is to start early. To all you freshman and sophomores out there, get on your game! You must seek out as much work experience as possible because companies want to know that you have true skills. They want to know that you have been trained in the real world and that you are capable of working for them. I applaud those who are energetic and who have taken the time to complete various internships upon graduation. Unfortunately was not one of them, but I am now making up for that by lining up back-to-back ones that are sure to look fabulous on my resume.

So get out there and apply! Don’t let time pass you by! It is essential for your career that you get real world experience, and the best way to do so is by completing internships.